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Amsterdam's ABC Services

We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution.
If what you need is not listed, we can still help. Give us a call!

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Quick-Question Service

Most questions have straightforward answers that can be handled in around 15 minutes. For those situations, we’ve worked out our “Quick-Question” service. You only pay € 15 for 15 minutes of work! These services can include any of the following:

  • Help you find the correct next step or procedure before unemployment, maternity leave or a burn out

  • Reading and translating your Dutch mail

  • Validating foreign documents

  • Requesting social security benefits (e.g. children, health,...)

And more…

Settling-In Services

Don’t let the stress of juggling an international move prevent you from savoring those heartfelt goodbyes or the excitement of planning your new life.  
Our dependable personalized service covers the following arrangements and more:

  • Registering you at your local gemeente

  • Registering your DigID

  • Signing up with local providers

  • Learning about the school systems

And more…

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Keeping accounts

M-Form & Tax Returns

Residents who have not been registered in the NL an entire calendar year MUST file an M-Form. While it is possible to e-file, this tax document is sadly only available in Dutch. Let us save you the stress and time of figuring it out. 

Whether you want us to walk you through it or fill it out for you, our service lets you:

  • Avoid wasting days on Google Translate

  • Skip hours on hold with the Belastingdienst

  • Rest assured your documents are being handled by experts

  • Enjoy making precious memories in your new home

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