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About ABC

Amsterdam's ABC was founded in 2020 by Leïla Kar: a former professional globetrotter on a mission to offer dependable, compassionate and affordable consultancy services to people struggling with administration.
We are a network of professionals who approach each case with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique services to meet client needs. We believe every problem has a solution and strive to find it as quickly and painlessly as possible.
We offer personal and tailored administrative service for people who are new to the Netherlands.


Letter from the founder

Welcome, I’m Leïla! 

I’m the founder and face of Amsterdam’s ABC.

Truth be told, I’m kind of jealous of you… that twisted knot of excitement and anxiety is a sign you’re in for a great adventure!

It’s been six years and I am still enchanted by everything my little corner of Amsterdam has to offer: the bikes, the canals, the warm and helpful neighbors… I was really lucky. I was surrounded by lovely people that supported me from the moment I first arrived. But I know not everyone will have the same luck. 

That’s why I opened Amsterdam’s ABC. I want to help others with the knowledge I was so generously given.

I'm sure you've noticed that accounting and administrative firms are in no short supply in the Netherlands. Neither is their service to their bottom-line… To many firms, clients are little more than an invoice number getting lost in the shuffle. Clients can go days without getting a response to their calls or emails. Their questions go unanswered. 

Amsterdam’s ABC is different: we are a small network of international professionals committed to offering dependable, compassionate and affordable consultancy services in terms people can understand. We are always there when you need us because we know what you’re going through—we’ve been there.

We offer package services for things such as relocation arrangements & tax preparation, as well as our €15 for 15 minutes “Quick Question” service. This is perfect if you need us to translate mail for you, or if you simply want to see how we work before committing to us for bigger needs. Feel free to look around and read what our clients have to say about working with us.

Thank you for reading this far. I am so happy you found us and can’t wait to meet you! Click below to see how we can help.

Tot zo!

Leïla Kar